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Norris Instrument Services is a Regional Authorized Service Center that services, repairs and maintains both Leica and Geomax  product lines. For more information about what we can offer, contact us today.

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Norris Instrument Services

With over 30 years experience we stand on our unique expertise to best serve our clients needs with a wide range of services. Conducted by highly qualified factory trained technicians using specialized tooling, our advanced lab is soley dedicated to diagnostic testing, analyzing and the calibration process of highly accurate measurement systems. We offer several different levels of maitenance to choose from depending on the industry, product line, and usage.  Service, repair cost and downtime can be signifigantly reduced through periodic preventative maintenance scheduling, companies  will greatly benefit in productivity on any project or jobsite that demands quick reliable and accurate data collection. Even under the most extreme conditions such as weather, factoring in with severe temperature fluctuations from the elements or unforseen impact damaging components and devices, Norris can get you back to the Jobsite working again with confidence that your equipment will perform and give you the results you demand. We are prepared for your needs, whether your equipment needs a routine calibration,upgrade or repair we got you covered. All while providing a second to none end user experience with superior attention to detail, quality worksmanship at a reasonalble cost.

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